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21st Century Quick Guide to Internet Advertising and Integration

The Internet, although only a few decades old as a commercialized media has proven itself not only to be a very viable advertising solution but has dramatically influenced the present conditions and future state of how we buy, sell, communicate and obtain information. There are currently several option models to promote your business or offerings. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Banner or Display Ads (CPM), Sponsorships, Direct e-mail, Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA) models and Social Media. Although any responsible planning most likely will develop a Total-Mix and integrated philosophy at this time the CPC model has some immediate benefits. In this venue you as the advertiser will gain almost immediate impact, only pay if an individual clicks through to your site, thus giving you potentially targeted traffic looking for what you have to offer. The statistics that can be captured are invaluable in determining ROI and analytics for future business planning. Like any other marketing solution there are winners and losers in this game. What makes it even more challenging is that the rules and opportunities can change monthly, so it is critical for optimum performance to have internal staff that is intimate with the industry or work with a value add consultant that can guide your company responsibly through the process.

* Please Note: The following listed entities are not implied endorsements by the Coach, but rather supplied in this guide as reference sources on subject matter to possibly benefit your situation and help you save time in doing so. Information listed below is deemed to be reliable. Please check with provider for current offerings.

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Guide to Internet Advertising

21st Century Quick Guide to your Personal Health & Fitness

Creating and maintaining personal health & fitness does not need to be a full time job, but more a way of life. You ultimately make decisions every day about your life style and your priorities. Being a peak performer requires and strong understanding and management of weight control, behavioral modification, stress reduction and healthy surroundings. Your focus is to transform eating and exercise habits and providing an environment to educate and accept personal responsibility for change. Diet and Exercise are Keys to Healthy Living, but you know all this. So your goal is to find the shortcuts, the little-known tricks and proven methods to help prevent boredom and hopelessness in your quest for good health. Our high tech world has advanced in the fitness field also. Please attempt to keep up with the latest up-to-the-minute information for your health and fitness. Quality of life is what we all want. Good health helps us achieve a high quality of life. Fitness makes us want to live it every day. A famous person was asked how can he get so much done...his answer simple and profound, "I give the last 5 miniates of every hour to me, no matter what is going on in my life, to relax, exercise, change my state, replenish etc. 

* Please Note: The following listed entities are not implied endorsements by the Coach, but rather supplied in this guide as reference sources on subject matter to possibly benefit your situation and help you save time in doing so. Information listed below is deemed to be reliable. Please check with provider for current offerings.

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Guide to Personal Health

21st Century Quick Guide to your Career Management

In the previous generation your career planning might possible have been somewhat less complicated. Find a good job, work hard, move up the latter and retire after 40 years with the same company. The game has changed. It is now predicted that the average person entering the job market will have 12 jobs through their career. Individuals today are struggling to balance their career objectives and priorities. Your planning and continuous evaluation is now critical for your success. Fortunately with the added complexity of career management today there is a wealth of tools to assist you on your quest. From general job search engines, to recruiters, to resume marketers, to outplacement specialist, to career assessment firms, you should be familiar with all the above. Most likely, at one point or another during your working career you will want to utilize these tools. Positioning your career assets properly and engaging in aggressive strategic marketing will lead to a successful career path. These now available companies can help you save time and expose you to greater opportunities and resources.

* Please Note: The following listed entities are not implied endorsements by the Coach, but rather supplied in this guide as reference sources on subject matter to possibly benefit your situation and help you save time in doing so. Information listed below is deemed to be reliable. Please check with provider for current offerings.

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21st Century Quick Guide to Small Business Development

In the United States there are over 140,000 new business registered every month. Unfortunately only a small fraction will be in business in 5 years. Why is that? Will, not one simple answer obviously, but to start, run, and grow a business today although there are unlimited opportunities does take a combination of several factors to be successful. Business owners today are required to gain at least some expertise or work with value added consultants in business planning, capitalization & cash flow, sales & marketing, operations, customer service, human relations, information technologies and analytics of all the above. Of course, one must first have a product or service idea where there is a define target market, an establish or perceived need and a competitive edge in their offerings. The Internet has been described as the "ultimate business equalizer," which does have some merited. For the first time in history a small company can afford to market globally. Not only has the Internet opened up growth opportunities, but has also introduced a significant amount of tools, content and support services to assist small business in saving time and money in their quest to be successful.

* Please Note: The following listed entities are not implied endorsements by the Coach, but rather supplied in this guide as reference sources on subject matter to possibly benefit your situation and help you save time in doing so. Information listed below is deemed to be reliable. Please check with provider for current offerings.

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21st Century Quick Guide to Personal Growth & Development

If we are so lucky as to have loving parents and a quality environment to grow up in, plus a decent education this is about all that is given to us. Personal Development is really more like personal commitment to oneself, which can start before adulthood and should be ongoing through life's journey. So what is Personal Growth? Simplified, it is the synergy between happiness, control and power in our lives, which is evolving constantly to balance our living days and the legacy we leave behind. Those who invest in it through their live time will find greater happiness and achievements in life. There is virtually an unlimited array of products, tools and professionals to assist you along the way. Individual assessment is the first step, to define where you have deficiencies and where you want to focus your energy. Good Luck!

* Please Note: The following listed entities are not implied endorsements by the Coach, but rather supplied in this guide as reference sources on subject matter to possibly benefit your situation and help you save time in doing so. Information listed below is deemed to be reliable. Please check with provider for current offerings.

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Guie to Personal Growth
Guide to Small Business Development
Guide to Career Management

Why Use a Coach?


Coaching is an exploding profession. Daily, professionals and individuals are experiencing the benefits from their work with a coach. Coaching is still in its infancy in terms of reach and understanding, which is why I like to take a moment to put it in perspective. Years ago life was not as complicated; a business would have one person in charge. Today you need a CEO, COO, CMO, CTO and a bunch of VP's or least a partner. Personally you might have had a doctor years ago, but today you need at least 5 medical specialists, a financial adviser, insurance broker, a lawyer and a host of other supporting entities depending on how complicated your life is. So with all my clients I describe the benefits with an analogy that is understandable: We are all familiar with the Time Share industry. Do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on a second home? Most people do not, and even if you did, you probably don't have the time to use it to justify the cost. So time-shares allow you to own a fraction of this very beneficial home with others. So it becomes affordable and practical, while still giving you the full benefit when you are there. Coaching works in exactly the same way. Do you have the need or the budget to hire an expensive six-figure professional? Maybe not, so why not hire a piece of him or her, and reap the full benefits while in use. Think about it, even if you were to enroll in my most beneficial program, your annual outlay would be less than a junior secretary's salary. There is really no down side to working with a coach, and the upside can be remarkable. Below is my summary of 12 benefits you can receive by working with a coach. Just imagine personally benefiting from just one of these improvements per month for the next twelve months…. endless possibilities?… BET!

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12 Reasons to Use a Coach
by Jon Anthony Astore


You Deserve It

Who says you cannot have a personal coach? The most admired professions for their achievements in our society have always had them; athletes, professional sports players, actors, politicians, musicians and so on. Now coaching is obtainable for the common man. It is without question one of the quickest ways to empower your life to improve it and reach your goals. Life is short; your capabilities are long…maximize the experience of the journey with a coach.

Regardless of WHO or for WHAT

There really is no one who could not benefit greatly from a coaching experience. Today all walks of life are experiencing true positive RESULTS towards issues or life goals. From CEO's needing a confidential sounding board to specialized professionals that need assistance in running portions of their business, to start ups that need strategic planning, to individuals that are striving to accelerate their personal development and growth coaching can benefit anyone. Anyone who does not on a consistent basis feel on a 1-10 rating satisfied to at least an 8 in regards to their personal health, family/social, career situation and life in general, should explore all opportunities to get there.

A Safe Place

Do you have a place you can go to reflect, focus on yourself and achieve clear vision? Do you have a sounding board to kick around the "What ifs?" in your life. Do you have a place where only good possibilities can evolve, a place where you can let your guard down to maximize your inner energy and creativity? That is the place you will develop and journey to with your coach.

Truth without Consequences

Your coach will be completely committed to your success with no other motives other than to help you improve, grow and be more satisfied with life. Think about the relationship you have with your family members, business associates or friends. Even the most trusting relationships are tied with emotions. Sometimes the people that care the most can stunt your growth or success path. A completely confidential and trusting relationship with your coach allows you to navigate effectively and precisely through major opportunities or challenges in your professional or personal life.

Personal Evaluation and Growth

It is hard to evaluate one's self and be honest. Your coach will help you analyze your current assets, issues, roadblocks, lifestyle and liabilities. Your coach will help you focus on and build your strengths to maximize the benefits to you. Then together you will prioritize growth areas to focus on. Let's face --it we all want more of everything life has to offer-- that is what motivates us. Find out how to grow professionally, personally, intellectually and financially in a shorter amount of time with less energy and a less stressful journey.

Transformational Experience

We all have had an experience with a person(s) that touched our lives so deeply; it had a profound and long lasting effect on who we are today. It might have been a teacher a parent, a mentor or someone that did not even know you that you were inspired or motivated by. Think about how beneficial these experiences have been in your life. Now think about your life if you had these types of transformational experiences on a regular basis. Not to say that it happens all the time, but this is the ultimate goal between coach and client…and it does happen A LOT!

Major Transitions and Shifts

Life is a journey without a roadmap. Many times in life you will be faced with life altering transitions. Transitions occur concerning professional growth, reengineering a new career or on the personal side; individual growth, separation, conflict or health issues. It's going to happen, you can count on it. To have a personal coach who is unconditionally on your side without the emotional equation of loved ones can help you visualize "outside the box." How many times have you said in your life, "I would have done it differently knowing what I know now." Your coach can help you see and navigate beyond today's events for a better and smoother transition towards tomorrow.

Working Smarter… then Harder

There are few things these days that have not been done or experienced. Coaches in general have significant business and life experiences and are a wealth of resources. Why recreate the wheel? How much is it worth to save 3 months of trial and error? Discuss your personal plan with someone that might have been there or have experience and contacts with those who have.


Balancing Time

The only aspect that remains the same in our world is the fact that no matter how life accomplishments and complexities grow, you still have only 24 hours in a day to get them done. Now look at what you have to deal with compared to your parent's generation. It is a very challenging balancing act to accomplish and manage success in business, family and personal well-being. This is a constant struggle and complaint of most people these days. Your coach can help you identify priorities, create time saving techniques and deliver recommendations to ultimately get you more of what you want out of your 24 hour day.

Master Plan Your Future

We all are not as fortunate as Michael Jackson who knew he wanted to be a rock n roll star at age 5. Many individuals never really find their destiny or ultimate peace in life. You plan for your business, right? Why not plan your personal life? Your coach will dig deep to find those inner life ambitions, help you stretch your vision to create a plan, work with you to set a course and measure progress so that you know what you are working for and when you plan to get there!

Qualities of a Coach

There are many types of coaches out there with different specialties or focused areas of practice. What is consistent and common between them can be summarized using two major observations: One, coaches have extensive business, life, resources and situational experiences. Second, they have a passion for helping others. You have heard the expression, "You are who you hang around with." How many coaches would you like to hang around with?

Significant Return on Investment (ROI)

Everything in life sooner or later has to be at least partially evaluated on the cost vs. benefits formula. Coaching should be no exception to investment evaluation. We all know how many self-help gurus and products there are out there. That's just the point, "self help." A coaching relationship is the only true one-on-one self-improvement program out there that does all the work with you. Industry wide studies have shown a return on investment to be 5-25 times your cost in beneficial value to you. Obviously each situation produces different degrees of success, but one can potentially see benefit within the first 30-minute session.

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Why Use a Coach

Coaching in the Media

"...the quickly growing wave of coaching relationships that are helping small-business owners improve their business skills, recalibrate their approaches to management, and, often, totally reboot and rebalance themselves as leaders on the job and in the home and community."
Nation's Business

"If you want to build your business and at the same time have a rewarding personal life, you call a coach."
Denver Post

"Many independent business owners seek out coaches to help them stay on track as they build their businesses."
Los Angeles Times

"48 executives (surveyed) about their experiences with personal coaches...there was almost unanimous agreement that having a coach helped in all aspects of life and enhanced both business and personal relationships."
Training Magazine

"Using [coaching] instead of sending executives and managers to seminars two or three times a year can be more beneficial to ongoing career development, not to mention less expensive..."
PC Week

"If you feel that your personal or professional life could use a boost, hiring a coach may be helpful."
San Francisco Examiner

"People mix up coaching, mentoring and consulting…The differences? …a mentor has the same business experience as the client. A consultant tells clients how to be more effective. And a coach works with the client to reveal and build on his or her strengths, improve performance and enhance quality of life…."Coaches look at the business side and, at the same time, look to see whether [clients] are working too many hours, examine their time-management effectiveness, their fitness and their life relationships," "A coach can be skilled at coaching, but not as experienced as an executive. As a coach, a big part of the job is to be a resource -to have an extensive database of people I can refer to, so that I can call in a mentor when the client needs one." "
CIO Magazine

"Coaches can help entrepreneurs get their personal lives in order, which can go a long way toward solving what may have looked like purely business problems."
Nation's Business

"A major benefit of coaching is having someone who helps you see your strengths and weaknesses and use them to accomplish your goals."
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Coaching started in the business world to help stressed out executives cope with their professional and personal lives, and it still thrives in the corporate environment. But, increasingly, individuals are turning to coaches for help with every sort of problem."
Boston Globe

"A personal coach can help you by getting you to spell out what it is that you really want and then working with you to make the changes that actually enable you to get there."
The Vancouver Province

"As life gets more frenzied, people are struggling to find balance and purpose. A coach simply helps you realize a more fulfilling and harmonious life, faster and easier."
Dayton Daily News

" the next few years, coaching will become the norm in the business world."
Washington Post

"Today's managers,. professionals and entrepreneurs are hiring coaches to help them with time management, a change in career or balancing their work and personal lives."

"A personal coach can be the answer when people need a push in more than art of their lives or guidance in setting broad lifestyle goals."
Dallas Morning News

"Business coaches or career coaches are stepping in the replace the role traditionally held by a mentor....Just as a personal trainer helps build up your muscles, a business coach may strengthen your performance on the job."
Orlando Sentinel

"[Your coach] will guide you to a fuller life or a slimmer figure. Whatever you want. Your weakness is his challenge."
USA Today

"...apparently coaching is coming into its own as a profession."

"They call themselves 'coaches' and they're a new breed of career counselors multiplying nationwide, promising to help unblock barriers to success, and make you a happier, better person, to boot."
Denver Post

"A coach can help a client bring the goal into focus."
Las Vegas Review Journal

"...want to get even further ahead?...What you need is a coach, your own personal motivator. They're not just for top-ranked tennis players any more."
Miami Herald

"..I'd bet the return on a [coaching] client's investment could be substantial."
Detroit Free Press

"Recent studies show business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization
HR Monthly

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Coaching in the Media

Partners / Affiliations


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Partners and Affiliates
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