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21st Century International provides strategic business planning advice and offers expert insight into how to start a small business. We also provide executive coaching and sales development services, and can recommend effective advertising strategies. Strategic business planning is key to the health of your company. Our professional consultation services can help you maximize monetary and human capital. Do you want to know how to start a small business or are you facing strategic planning challenges in your established company? Jon Anthony Astore, founder of 21st Century International, has two decades of experience providing business startup advice, developing strategic plans for small business and consulting with established organizations. 21st Century International strategic consultant services help you crystallize your priorities, whether you are working on a small business startup or managing an existing company. You too can benefit from Jon's effective approach to strategic business planning.

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21st Century International's knowledge and insights help you capitalize on opportunities

Strategic business planning can help you chart your course through the many challenges your company faces. Building a blueprint for the direction of your company keeps you and your key people focused on the overall mission, and provides stimulation for problem solving. 21st Century International's expertise includes solutions for start-ups to expanding companies, new product introduction, performance assessment, milestone identification and charting, 1-5 year forecasting, change management consulting, competitive analysis, feasibility and viability research, and more. Jon Anthony Astore can provide your company with insights that will help you with building and expanding your enterprise. To help focus your efforts, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do you have a vision of where you want your company to be in 3-5 years?
  • Do you have an organizational and operational blueprint that demonstrates how to get there?
  • Do you reevaluate your program at least annually?
  • Do you have test and measurement systems in place for your key milestones?
  • Are you current on aspects that might affect your industry?
  • Do you conduct adequate research before making major decisions?
  • Have you maximized potential partners and alliances?
  • Are you gaining more satisfaction out of your company each year?
  • Have you reached the potential of the dream you started?
  • Do you have a trusted place to go to help you improve and benefit these topics?

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Get help defining, managing and envisioning your most important organizational objectives

21st Century International's comprehensive suite of services will help you define, manage and envision your most important organizational objectives. Jon Anthony Astore has consulted with over 1,500 clients and had tenure with Fortune 100 companies, assisting the incubation of new ventures, product introductions, realignment to new markets, top and bottom end revenue growth through sales development and performance improvements. Working with Jon will provide you with an experienced partner who believes that "Every challenge has a better solution opportunity to look forward to." Jon's approach to challenges will invigorate your company's vision and ability to capitalize on future opportunities.

Customized consultation that helps you work better today and tomorrow

Consulting with 21st Century International will help you define and refine your objectives to ensure that your organization not only has a strong blueprint for today, but a solid road map to navigate the challenges of tomorrow. 21st Century International takes into account the individuality of your organization and your people. 21st Century International can advise you concerning initial startup concerns, ecommerce, growth opportunity position recommendations and a host of other issues. Contact 21st Century International today and find out how a customized consultation can help you build and strengthen your position in your industry.

I listen...I ask...We talk...We plan...We measure...We journey together!

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