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Our consultants offer Internet marketing strategy development help and advice for your business. We also provide executive coaching and sales development services, and can help you create winning advertising strategies. An Internet marketing strategy is a critical part of your overall business plan. 21st Century International understands that your business will benefit from a comprehensive Internet business marketing approach. Jon Anthony Astore, founder of 21st Century International, consults, coaches and mentors executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals. Strategic planning in marketing can benefit both the online and offline segments of your business. Other leading Internet marketing companies may not offer the full suite of services that 21st Century International provides. We can work with you to define and refine your Web presence and Internet advertising effectiveness to maximize your results and ROI. 21st Century International differs from other Internet business consultants in that consultations are tailored to your specific situation on a one-on-one basis, taking into account the individuality of your business and your people. Whether you need fresh small business marketing insights, an effective Internet business plan or seasoned approaches to marketing for small business, contact 21st Century International.

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To help you focus on the core value of your current Web presence to deliver your business into the digital age. In beginning development of an Internet marketing plan, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do you have a value position of Internet utilization?
  • Do you have a Web site?
  • Do you have full time employees focused on Internet Development?
  • Is your Web site costing more then it's making?
  • Do you integrate process, marketing and sales via use of the Internet?
  • Do you know the short and long term effects of the Internet on your industry?
  • Are you leveraging your company's intellectual properties on the Internet?
  • Is the Internet having a positive effect on your business?
  • Do you know what your next step is in regards to Internet Strategy?
  • Do you have a trusted place to go to help you improve and benefit these topics?

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How 21st Century International works with you to accomplish your objectives

An Internet marketing strategy encompasses all of the above topics and more. Jon Anthony Astore, founder of 21st Century International, will work with you to help you answer the above questions and formulate a solution concept and objectives. Jon has assisted in the incubation of new ventures, product introductions, realignment to new markets, top and bottom end revenue growth through sales development and performance improvements. You can benefit from Jon's expertise and the dialogue he will open with you to discover the improvements you can make to your online presence.

21st Century International can assist you with these critical areas of your business:

  • Position analysis to enhance existing business model
  • E-commerce and Web development
  • Online/offline integration
  • Search optimization
  • CPM, CPC, CPA evaluation
  • Data capture and e-mail management
  • Growth opportunity position recommendations

Consult with 21st Century International to reach your online and offline goals

Jon Anthony Astore believes that the Web is an equalizer for businesses. Is your business taking advantage of its Web presence? Specifically, is your Web site delivering the customers and ROI that you need? Contact 21st Century International today to discuss your ideas and goals, and work to grow your vision of what the Web can do for you.

I listen...I ask...We talk...We plan...We measure...We journey together!

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Jon Anthony Astore, President

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