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21st Century International offers career advice, as well as interview, sales and executive coaching to improve your career. Career advice from 21st Century International also includes in-depth consultation for personal and professional growth. Jon Anthony Astore, founder and President of 21st Century International, consults, coaches and mentors executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals. Jon has two decades of experience as a business and career consultant. He provides customized one-on-one coaching to individuals who seek career satisfaction and personal enrichment. If you are contemplating a career transition or need resume advice, then you can benefit from Jon Anthony Astore's career help and job coaching. Jon's philosophy incorporates his unique approach to coaching. "It all starts with two words: improvements and results… I know your time and money are as valuable as mine. I make it my personal goal to make sure that you feel that the relationship is worth 10 times what you pay me. However YOU wish to evaluate the relationship, if at the end of the day we make noticeable 'improvements' to your life... it's been a good day... a very good day!"

I listen…I ask…We talk…We plan…We measure…We journey together!

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Professional guidance from 21st Century International will help you develop an action plan and crystallize your priorities, whether you are working on a promotion, new job, or self-employment. Areas of practice focus include personal master plan development, current assessment to include: values, interest, skill set, life goals and personal obligations.

Critical Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do you have a current personal master plan?
  • Do you have a current resume that has been critiqued by a professional?
  • Have you done any interview role playing?
  • Do you know what you like or are really good at?
  • Do you have a clearly defined immediate goal?
  • Do your work goals parallel with your life goals?
  • Do you get excited about what's in store for tomorrow?
  • Are you positive about your current future path?
  • Do you dislike your boss, co-workers or company culture?
  • Does your current income satisfy your lifestyle needs?
  • Do you have a trusted place to go to help you improve and benefit these topics?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions…
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What people say about working with Jon Anthony Astore

"Jon is a coach/mentor that is very committed to what he believes in, with complete loyalty and honesty with who he works with. He will always go the extra mile for his clients. It is hard for me to describe the benefits he has brought to my life for both career and life planning. 99% of the time he is RIGHT ON THE MONEY!"

Pat Wendling
Fairfax, VA

"Jon's insights and tireless enthusiasm are unique and inspiring. Have a conversation with Jon and your own potential is multiplied."

Brenda Robinson Yates
Assistant Vice President
The Baltimore Life Companies
Owings Mills, MD

"Jon is one of the most experienced professionals I have known. He either has an answer for every question or a road map as to how or where to get the answer."

Brian Nueslein
Regional Sales Manager
COX Interactive Media
Dayton, OH

"Jon gave me one marketing idea when I got started, which after 4 years is still my best producer! He is very motivational and inspiring."

Joanne Blum
Senior Loan Officer
Market Street Mortgage
Olney, MD

"Jon is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met. He is a get-the-job-done kind of guy without the BULL, regardless of the challenge of his clients, he's faced with. He is my first or second call when I am faced with issues I want a sounding board for."

Gary Ng
Data Sales Manager
Nextel Communications
San Diego, CA

Working with Jon will provide you with an experienced partner who believes that "Every challenge has a better solution opportunity to look forward to." Jon's approach can be depended on for visionary, creative and "out-of-the-box" thinking, ideas and solutions at all times. He is always committed to YOUR personal objectives. Jon's style will invigorate your vision and ability to capitalize on present and future employment opportunities.

I listen...I ask...We talk...We plan...We measure...We journey together!

Your "Ultimate Life Potential" is the leveraging of your mind, money, time and personal intellectual properties...BUT it is rarely achieved ALONE!

This is my passion; I look forward to learning about yours.
Let's Explore the Possibilities Together......TODAY!

"Clarity 1st Session..Impact within a month..Extreme RESULTS in 90 Days!"

Let's Talk About It....Contact the Coach!

Your Committed Coach & Partner,

Jon Anthony Astore, President

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