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21st Century provides personal, life, performance and leadership business executive coaching for individuals who want to become more effective and productive. Business executive coaching can help you become more effective and more productive. A personal performance coach can assist you with executive leadership training, with learning better interpersonal skills and with bringing your ideas to fruition. 21st Century International founder Jon Anthony Astore, consults, coaches and mentors executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals for business and personal strategy, growth, challenge resolution and opportunities. He has two decades of experience working with entrepreneurs and managers in many diverse B2B and B2C industries. If you need an experienced consultant who can provide you with insights on how to start a small business, how to formulate an effective small business plan, or how to increase product/service awareness through fresh small business marketing ideas, contact Jon Astore at 21st Century International. Jon's approach to helping administrators define and refine their visions, capabilities and goals has led to increased effectiveness and noticeable results for his clients in multiple areas, such as managers of financial institutions, retail, personal services, consumer services and more. Contact Jon today, and your small business startup or established enterprise will soon reap lasting benefits that energize your outlook and potential.

I listen…I ask…We talk…We plan…We measure…We journey together!

What is the most concerning challenge or opportunity facing you today?
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21st Century International business and life coaching helps you assess your current situation and focus on your goals.

With this in mind, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Is there an open line of communications between management and employees?
  • Have you ever asked yourself," Why should my employees stay?"
  • If your employees won the lottery, would they still come to work?
  • Do you have retention of at least 90%?
  • Immediately when you wake up on a 1-10 rating is your mood an 8 or better?
  • Will you accomplish today what you have obligated to do?
  • Is there a balance between health, work and family in your life?
  • Do you laugh or smile at least 10 times a day?
  • Do you have a trusted place to go to help you improve and benefit these topics?

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What can 21st Century International consultation services help you accomplish?

Business executive coaching will help you develop your personal and managerial skills so that you will experience improvements in your total interpersonal proficiency. 21st Century International can assist you with boosting creativity, learning to listen to and appreciate others and with building an overall effectiveness that will enhance every aspect of your work and personal life.

21st Century International's comprehensive suite of services will help you define, manage and envision your most important organizational objectives. Jon Anthony Astore has consulted with over 1,500 clients and had tenure with Fortune 100 companies, assisting the incubation of new ventures, product introductions, realignment to new markets, top and bottom end revenue growth through sales development and performance improvements. An intimate relationship is developed during the coaching journey. Working with Jon will provide you with an experienced partner who tailors consultations to the needs of each individual and their situation to achieve the desired results.

21st Century International can help you create, lead and achieve more effectively

Experience increased creativity, improved leadership skills, better interpersonal abilities--improvements in any area of your life that are important to you. Consulting with 21st Century International will help you meet your challenges in either a fast paced or everyday environment. Contact 21st Century International today to discuss your ideas, dreams and desires.

I listen...I ask...We talk...We plan...We measure...We journey together!

Your "Ultimate Life Potential" is the leveraging of your mind, money, time and personal intellectual properties...BUT it is rarely achieved ALONE!

This is my passion; I look forward to learning about yours.
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"Clarity 1st Session..Impact within a month..Extreme RESULTS in 90 Days!"

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Your Committed Coach & Partner,

Jon Anthony Astore, President

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