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21st Century offers creative advertising strategies, ideas and plans for small businesses as well as stategic planning, sales development, human resources development and personal coaching services. Advertising strategies will create awareness for your product or service, build the image of your business and ultimately be the engine that drives your business. 21st Century International knows that effective advertising plans can help businesses succeed in competitive markets. Small business advertising and promotion is especially important to startups or growing concerns faced with daily internal and external challenges. Jon Anthony Astore, founder of 21st Century International, consults, coaches and mentors executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals. He has specific expertise in incubating new ventures, product introductions, realignment to new markets, top and bottom end revenue growth through sales development, performance improvements and advertising on the Web. You can reap lasting benefits by having Jon help you create an effective marketing plan. 21st Century International offers you the experience you need to increase your Internet or traditional advertising effectiveness. Contact 21st Century International today, and let Jon help you assess your current situation and your future goals.

I listen…I ask…We talk…We plan…We measure…We journey together!

What is the most concerning challenge or opportunity facing you today?
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To more clearly perceive your objectives, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do you have a marketing plan?
  • Do you have a clear defined target customer or niche?
  • Do you have a clear defined geographic area you can service?
  • Do you integrate multiple avenues and medias to promote business?
  • Are your brand, image, employees, service and product in sync?
  • Are you getting increasingly better results with marketing investments?
  • Do you have a test and tracking methodology to analyze R.O.I.?
  • Are you growing your business to your defined goals?
  • Do you spend 10% of your operating budget on marketing?
  • Do you have a trusted place to go to help you improve and benefit these topics?

21st Century International's expertise can give new direction to your marketing efforts.

Advertising strategies that are focused and results-oriented can bring your business a positive return on investment. 21st Century International can help you with classic "Brand" strategies and enhance national to local on-line/off-line, creative development, cross media planning in print, broadcast, direct mail, and Internet can maximize return on investment. Other areas of support services include: call center productivity, market research, survey, data and competitive analysis, audience or target customer defined methodologies. The firm's expertise also includes consultation on sales planning and forecasting, channel/distribution development, trade shows, revenue, territory and account growth initiatives, sales force enhancements, customer leads, acquisition and retention programs. Whether you need help writing a marketing plan, or you need advice on how to promote your products and services through multiple media, 21st Century International can help. When you work with 21st Century International, you receive a comprehensive suite of services that help you define, manage and envision your most important business objectives.

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With the myriad avenues available to promote your product or service, it can be overwhelming when decisions have to be made about which media and what kind of message will deliver the best results for you. 21st Century International can help you with formulating a plan to get the most from your marketing budget. Satisfied clients include financial institutions, restaurateurs, entertainment/leisure businesses, retail, professional services and many others. Together with your input and specific needs, 21st Century International can craft solutions that bring improvement to every aspect of your marketing mix.

Customized business consultation services benefit your bottom line

Jon Anthony Astore believes that "Tales of success and failure are the building blocks for a better tomorrow." Consulting with 21st Century International will help you define and refine your marketing plan to ensure that strong building blocks are in place for your business. Contact 21st Century International today and find out how a customized business consultation can benefit your bottom line.

I listen...I ask...We talk...We plan...We measure...We journey together!

Your "Ultimate Life Potential" is the leveraging of your mind, money, time and personal intellectual properties...BUT it is rarely achieved ALONE!

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